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Primary Antibodies
Fc Receptor Blocker
Background Buster
STAT-Q IHC Staining Kits & Components Non-Polymer
Universal Animal IHC Kit
1-Step Polymer HISTO-STAT Kits
UNI-TRIEVE 37-75 Degree Water Bath Retrieval
IHC Enhancing Wash Buffers
DAB, AEC, Fast Red, & Permanent Red Chromogens/Substrates
DAB, AEC, & Fast Red Enchancers
Mounting Media (Permanent)
HIER Retrieval Solution with pH Stabilizer
Double Staining Products
Hematoxylin, Nuclear Red, & CytoBlue Counterstains
Positive Control Slides
Multi-Tumor Control Slides
Negative Control Sera
Isotype Controls
ImmunoDiluent & Block
IHC wash buffers
PEROX-BLOCK - Stable Peroxide Block

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